Satellite Image of Lahore

on March 05, 2009

Satellite image of Lahore at good resolution is available at PKMaps. These can be used for any GIS/RS assignment and analysis.

Source of quoted material:

You can find all the Yahoo imagery you need for mapping Lahore at 18x zoom level at the following RapidShare download link:

These zips contain the Ozi Explorer .map files and embeded merged images in jpeg format.
They have been downloaded from Yahoo using gMapMaker.
There are 9 files in total so that Lahore can be split up into 9 portions.
You can use these Ozi map files along with their image files in GPSMapEdit for your mapping.
Depending on where you unzip the file contects you may need to edit with a text editor the .jpg file path on 3rd line in each .map (Ozi Explorer file) to point to the right location of its associated .jpg file for the .map file to work.
The original jpeg tiles from Yahoo at 18x zoom downloaded by gMapMaker can be found at the following rapishare links:

PS: You will need to download all these .rar files and run winrar to extract them to one folder.
Mobile GMaps can users also benifit from these files.


Anonymous said...

These are dead links

Anonymous said...

Upload them again.

Unknown said...

Is it possible that you can survey the traffic thru satellite for a specific period of Lahore-Islamabad.We can plan a specific work for you & settle on terms & conditions.

GM Daewoo Pakistan

City Pulse Team said...

Dear Syed Abdul Mateen,
If the 'survey of traffic' means, traffic counts it is partially possible through satellite images but may not give you desired results because its bit costly and unrealistic to get a satellite image of some area on desired time and date with clear sky etc... In case we are lucky enough to get that, we can count vehicles on road only for that one specific time and date.

However In case of transportation planning, I believe we need periodic counts with additional information on model split, O-D etc which are not possible to obtain from images.
However you can use a hybrid model based on satellite observation and ground studies, which will be more closer to reality and may provide better information for your decisions.

Unknown said...

The links are not working at all. Please upload them again for research purposes.

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