Topographic Maps of Pakistan

on April 04, 2009

citypulseproudly presents the Geo-referenced Topographic Maps of whole Pakistan free of cost. These topo-sheets have been originally taken from the University of Texas Libraries in July 2009. These are developed by U.S. Army Map Service, 1955 under  Series U502 and are available at 1:250,000.

Below is a reference sheet taken from the above mentioned site.

Reference Sheet














In University of Texas Libraries, these maps are available in .jpg picture format. A screen shot for area around Lahore is below:












The citypulse Team  have geo-referenced them and saved along with .gmw file to be viewed by Global Mapper. You may directly download from the library link or Contact Us for geo-referenced file.

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Anonymous said...

Requester Name : mudassar
Occupation : GIS Assistant
Email ID :
Contact Number : 00923336009515
City : Lahore

Descrition of Research : We need Sop topographic sheets of 250k for our project indus delta region for the conservation of mangroves.Now we are proceeding towards its next phase fro mapping of magroves and for this purpose we need toposheets of 35p,36m,40d and 41a and if possible year of sheet should be above than 2000

Using ArcCGIS and erdasimagine we will detect and map the mangroves

Data sets required : 250K SoP toposheets of 35p,36m,40d and 41a

Data Format (.shp, .dwg etc) : jpg or tiff and .shp if possible

Anyother Support needed : we will discuss it after your response

Expected Date for returning the value addition data to PakGIS : 30-Dec-2009

Anonymous said...

dear one i need georeferenced maps of lahore containing main spots i.e hospitals,police station,towns,roads etc.i will be very thankfull to u.
Muhammad Imran

Anonymous said...


Abdullah Yousafzai said...

Hello Everybody
Can you provide an open access to these maps it would be nice of you

Anonymous said...

salam, dear i need topoghrapic map of quetta pishin
34 N/6 sheet no. scale 1=63360. map in 1941 by E O WHEELER. thank my email adree. (

Anonymous said...

Please give me shapefile of total agricultural land area in Punjab...

DANISH said...

i need a Geo referenced Karachi Malir river Toposheets and SHapefiles .

John Walter said...

I have gone through the site and read all blogs and this is a nice one:

GIS mapping

jawad kayani said...

i had GPs file of neelum valley road and pooints of places along roads

Unknown said...

i need topo sheet of hunza and gilgit NJ 43 14-15
of same edition. one of them is edition 1 and other is 2

Anonymous said...

i need topographic and dem data of punjab for research

Humaun Kabir said...

Thanks for the great post on your blog, it really gives me an insight on this topic.

Flat Earth Map

Mumtaz Ali Bukhari said...

i need georefernced map of islamabad and kpk area .
can you provide me???

Unknown said...

I need geo referred soil maps of Pakistan for the years of 1980s,1990s,2000s and 2010 onwards( one for each of the above mentioned years) for temporal analysis.

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