Satellite Image Pakistan Flood 02 September 2010

on July 16, 2009

Relying on NASA Earth Observatory on Natural Hazards, following image has been geo-referencing and converted to KML:

  1. 02 September 2010

The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’sAqua satellite captured this image of Pakistan. This image uses a combination of infrared and visible light to increase the contrast between water and land. Water appears in varying shades of blue, vegetation is green, and bare ground is pinkish brown. Clouds are bright turquoise.

pakistan_amo_02 Sep 2010

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Anonymous said...

What is the resolution of these images?
Has any one tried to perform change detection on these satellite images?

City Pulse Team said...

Dear We havent personally tried change detection analysis on these, but have provided these images to some researchers recently working on similar directions. As far as resolution is concerned, the following metadata will be helpful for you:

DESCRIPTION=pakistan_amo_02 Sep 2010.jpg
UPPER LEFT X=60.7334990000
UPPER LEFT Y=37.0996990000
LOWER RIGHT X=79.3707060000
LOWER RIGHT Y=23.5909100000
WEST LONGITUDE=60° 44' 0.5964" E
NORTH LATITUDE=37° 05' 58.9164" N
EAST LONGITUDE=79° 22' 14.5416" E
SOUTH LATITUDE=23° 35' 27.2760" N
PROJ_DESC=Geographic (Latitude/Longitude) / WGS84 / arc degrees
PROJ_UNITS=arc degrees
COVERED AREA=2689993 sq km
PIXEL WIDTH=0.002197 arc degrees
PIXEL HEIGHT=0.002197 arc degrees

Anonymous said...

thanks for reply.

This Blog is a very Nice effort.

Anonymous said...

can you provide me the DEM of that area too.

Mian Muhammad Nawaz
GIS Division Manager
Capital Surveys
Abu Dhabi

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