Volunteers required for PakGIS

on May 18, 2011

The project of PakGIS was started to support researchers, students and professional in their work/ studies by the provision of geo-data which is generally not available free of cost.

Being first and biggest forum of free GIS data provision, now we are getting an increased number of GIS data requests on daily basis from all over the world.

How can you contribute?


For sustainability of the initiative, we are looking for home based volunteers for the following tasks:

  1. The creation of a standard geo-database for the shapefiles of city maps available  at PakGIS
  2. Development of  new GIS maps of different cities in Pakistan
  3. Creation of a Road network dataset for complete Pakistan, we have raw data available. just need to compile in ArcGIS
  4. Managing visitors on the blog and ensuring in time feed back mechanism.
  5. Establishment of some GIS working groups of students in universities department


We can teach you for any GIS processing required for any task. All we need is dedicated and trust worthy persons committed to the cause.


  • Be a part of large network of professionals (urban planners, GIS experts, Engineers, researchers)
  • Visible Contribution in building future of Pakistan
  • Professional Working experience
  • Honorary letter of volunteer ship
  • Quickest access to GIS data of PakGIS 



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Please spread this message among your juniors and friends interested in GIS stuff through mail, facebook or other sources.


Anonymous said...


i have completed my M.Sc(GIS)from PU.

Kindly tell me the location or city of the above mentioned volunteers work...i want to join this group...thanks

Anonymous said...

Any update on volunteer work?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

any one get data from this blog i have requested for several times but not a single response

Anonymous said...

any one has the shape file upto tehsil level of Pakistan please send me

Naqeeb said...

plese help me to establish GIS system at Directorate of Water Management Gilgit Balstistan. what will be required to setup such system please inform in my mail

Anonymous said...

I have done BS(Environmental science)in August 2011 from International Islamic University Islamabad in which i have studied a GIS course so i want to do learn more about GIS for exposure in this free timespan of job searching.

Unknown said...

Salam O Alikum

I have some experience in Arc GIS & Intergraph GeoMedia, I am interested in sharing my skills and contribute in your cause.
i want to learn web applications of GIS as well, for more info write me at "mr.asadmehmood@gmail.com"


Ayesha said...

Hi, I tried to register as a volunteer but am getting an error. Can the web managers look at it?

Aay1K0 said...

Please guide, I want to create a custom map for my organization, which has many departments located across the globe. I want map in which I can show all departments individually. And also show thousands of polygons (area wise working boundaries of each department/branch). For example, map shows multiple marker locations (departments location), showing their respective working boundaries area-wise like; Pakistan has 4 provinces, so 4 polygons (1 for each province), each province has many cities (each city has it own polygon), in a city (for example lahore) all towns/blocks in lahore has their own polygons.

Please recommend what software or service is beneficial for it? And where I can get GIS data of Pakistan (specifically area-wise).

Ishfaq said...

Dear I am Dr. Ishfaq ahmad and working on remote sensing and GIS application on Agriculture. I need tehsil wise shape file of Pakistan

Ismail Zeb said...

can any one got any sort of reply from this so called site.
i think we should create our own chain.

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